Trained Australian Labradoodles

If you are looking to have a well-trained pet join your family, you may be interested in one of the puppies from our training program.  While still living in a home environment, these puppies go through extensive training to ensure they are well-mannered dogs who are housebroken, crate trained and thoroughly socialized to the widest variety of situations, people and places possible. This program can give you the confidence that your dog will be ready for the next level of training, no matter what that specialized training will be.

Whether you are looking to enter your dog in a program to become a service dog, you want a dog that will be ready to be trained as a hunting dog, or simply a well-mannered pup who can confidently go anywhere with you, we would be happy to customize our training program to your specific needs. You can invest in one of several levels of training, including Advanced, 10-week training ($9,500),  Intermediate, 5 week training ($6,000) or Custom training as needed ($600/week).

Seasoned Trainer

Megan Arey supervises the training of the dogs in our program.  She is a Certified Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed through the nationally recognized Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and runs the Inspire K-9’s Training Center in Barnstead, NH. She has a wide range of experience training dogs, from puppy and adult manners classes to the fun sports of competitive dog work such as rally, conformation, agility, dock diving, and hunting.  She earned her Associates Degree in Small Animal Management from the University of New Hampshire, Thompson School.