Give us a call at 860-478-0267 to discuss our Australian Labradoodles for Sale or fill out an application and we’ll call you right away!

If you want to talk about an Australian Labradoodle for sale, give us a call at 860-478-0267 or fill out an application today!

Our current litter of medium-sized multigenerational Australian Labradoodle pups will be ready to go home end of January.

People who adopt one of our pups are looking for a service dog, an emotional support animal or the best family companion possible. We can’t wait to talk with you, as we are eager to get to know your situation so we can match you with the right puppy .

Please note that, because of concern for the health of all of our pups, we do not allow visitors to come see our puppies unless you have been approved through the application process and have placed a deposit on a specific litter. 

Thank you so much for your interest!

With our puppies, here’s what you get:

  • a healthy, well-socialized multigenerational Australian Labradoodle puppy
  • a 2-year genetic health guarantee
  • a temperament-tested puppy to ensure the best placement for all
  • age-appropriate de-worming and vaccinations
  • wellness exam by a licensed veterinarian
  • microchip
  • 4-generation pedigree and registration with ALAA
  • updates and pictures sent every 2 weeks from the time of birth to the time they go home
  • a blanket or stuffed toy with scent of their mother and littermates for easier transitioning
  • go-home schedule
  • go-home crate
  • chew toy
  • a puppy who has been introduced to grooming and crate training
  • lifetime customer service support to help answer questions throughout the years

Our adoption fee for a companion puppy is $3,500. 

​In order to reserve a puppy, we require a deposit of $500; these are accepted only AFTER your application has been approved and a specific litter has been identified.

Full payment in the form of cash or a cashiers check is due at visit/pick up.

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    Living Arrangements

    Referred by:  

    Does anyone in your home have dog-related allergies?  

    Which gender do you prefer?  

    Which size do you prefer?  

    What type of coat do you prefer?  

    What color do you prefer?  

    Are there other pets in the home?  

    Do you have a fenced yard?  

    Are children in the home?

    How do you plan to care for your puppy when you are away from home or at work?

    Who will care for the puppy during the day?

    Have you been the primary caregiver of a puppy in the past?  

    What were the positive and negative things you remember about raising a young puppy?

    When would you like the puppy to join your family?  

    Pet Care & Training

    Do you commit to professional training in the form of a class or private lessons?  

    How would you describe your family and the life you would provide for the puppy?